Breakfast with Senator Norman Sanderson, his wife Linda, and Senator Ronald Rabin

I had breakfast yesterday with Senator Norman Sanderson and his wife Linda, and Senator Ronald Rabin. The purpose was to spread awareness of the North Caolina Tuition Assistance Program (NCTAP), which pays for NC Guardsmen to attend college. We are hoping to have the fund restored to its previous amount. The fund was cut due to hard fiscal times and we had the 30th HBCT ramping up for a deployment of about 4000 NC Soldiers. The reasoning was that many Soldiers could not use the fund while deployed, however, changes in elected Legislators occured and the fund was not restored upon the return of the 30th HBCT Soldiers. I thoroughly enjoyed talking with the Legislators and I believe we made a difference. We had a huge turnout of about 69 Legislators at the event.