BarCampRDU 2013

I am the organizer for BarCampRDU 2013. BarCampRDU is a tech conference that is popular in the Triangle area among the open source community. It is actually referred to as an “unconference” because the tech talks are scheduled after everyone shows up and everyone gets two minutes to pitch their ideas. All the ideas are posted on the wall and voted on by the crowd, using pens or markers. The most popular topics are placed at the beginning of the schedule. Ideas or talks are presented in breakout rooms or classrooms. Usually there are 5 or 6 breakout rooms and the attendees can listen in on a variety of topics thoughout the day.

Things are starting to come together and it is exciting. I have never done anything like this before and so the experience is fun and interesting so far. I have some excellent folks helping me along the way. I believe the new state of the art facility, Hunt Library, on NCSU will be the venue location. I have never seen a facility designed like the Hunt Library, it is awesome! The Triangle Linux Users Group and the Steering Committee are providing outstanding support for the event. The RedHat Marketing Manager, Jason Hibbets, is providing support and perhaps WRAL Techwire will assist as well. My cousin Joyce Kohn is helping secure the sponsors. Volunteers are volunteering and it is all great! I should have the facility reservation confirmed this week, then we can move on to announcing, promoting, setting up a wiki for proposed topics, attendee signups, sponsors, t-shirts etc… 18 May 2013 is tenatively the projected event date.